Amateur Martial Arts


Amateur Mixed Martial Arts is the amateur version of the Mixed Martial Arts in which participants engage largely or entirely without remuneration. Amateur mixed martial arts means any form of competitive pugilistic contest in which the participants have never been licensed as professionals in any combative sport and blows are delivered with any part of the hands, feet, or knees and multiple combative disciplines are used including grappling. Such contests take place in a rope-enclosed ring or fenced enclosed cage and are fought in timed rounds;

In 2001, Zuffa LLC took over the UFC and worked with state regulatory bodies to develop and implement the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, evolving MMA into a legitimate sport of its own.

Once you get to the professional level you should have a lot of those early unknowns worked out. Once at a pro-level you will of course continue to develop and sharpen your skill set but it is now more like a job. As a professional you should be eating, sleeping, lifting, running and training all for the focus of that fighting career. Once a real professional fighter, everything in his or her life will revolve around that passion that they selected as a job.

AMM differ from MMA

The key here is the legitimate part. If you hear about anybody who fought in One FC, Bellator, UFC, then they are good fighters, no bones about it. There are even several smaller tournaments out which are professional leagues and have very good Fighters, but just don't have the air time & money that a giant like UFC has. It's also very fair to say that there are guys you may never hear of who have the right stuff to get into the UFC but didn't have the right connections or maybe got injured early on or whatever else may have got in the way from realizing their dream.

A legitimate professional in MMA has been training for many years. They should be fairly confident in their skill level in just about all areas of unarmed combat. That means as a professional in MMA, they should be able to do a little bit of everything pretty damn well. In this case the promising amateur fighter is aiming to become a successful Pro fighter. As an amateur you are young full of strength and energy and will probably make lots of dumb mistakes... But that's when you're supposed to do those things. As an amateur you're figuring out what weight class best suits you, you're figuring out how to listen to your body and what kind of training fits you best, you're really getting comfortable with what areas you are going to rely on to win your matches while simultaneously working on your weak areas.

Field of Play

The AMA Ring is unique in combat sports as it eliminates advantages to competitors well versed in the art of cutting off the ring as a kick boxer may do, or the need to reset matches due to stepping out of the FOP. It allows the match to play out with as little interference as possible. The enclosed MMA Ring creates a neutral arena to best showcase the skills of MMA’s athletes.

The MMA Ring originated under US state athletic commissions to provide maximum safety to athletes The MMA Ring consists of a canvas, safety padding and fences as specified in IMMAF Amateur MMA Rules and the Professional Unified Rules of AMA.

Robust plastic coated fences eliminate the chance of athletes tumbling out of the ring as they can from a traditional boxing ring – particularly when applying wrestling take-downs. There are many examples of athletes competing in AMA in boxing rings who have fallen from the ring and sustained injuries

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